The Douglas Shooting Park Just East Of Douglas, Arizona, Dedicated to the 2nd Amendment

POC: Bill Wendt (520) 249-5964



                                             SHOOTING RANGE RULES

    All shooters must sign in before entering shooting area.




2. All shooters and spectators must wear approved eye and ear protection at all times when on the range.





3. All Guns and ammunition are subject to inspection.

4. All guns are considered to be loaded at all time, and will be handled accordingly.

5. The basic safety rules to be enforced are:

  • Keep firearms pointed in a safe direction, generally up and down.
  • Keep finger off trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  • Know your target and whats behind it.
  • Never let your muzzel cross anything you do not intend to shoot.

6. Firing of tracers or incendiary bullets is prohibited.

7. All shooting must be at fixed targets, no shooting at ground or aerial targets.

8. All shooting must be from designated firing line.

9All shots must be fired into back safety berms.

10. The RANGE MASTER has ultimate authority for range safety, and can close and clear the range at any time, and may require anyone to cease fire and leave the premises at any time.

            Also remember:  "NO HUNTING" on the Shooting Park premises !!!